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Answer Precision services the aerospace industries through the supply of superior components, kits and assemblies. APT offers a service of low to medium production runs, prototype development or spares. We continually monitor and adjust our processes in response to the need to cut costs and deliver products faster. Investment in the very latest 5 axis, high speed CNC machining centers enables us to deliver the best cost, technology, quality and flexibility in production planning and execution of precision components and assemblies.​

APT specializes in the manufacture and repair of ASE, GSE and Engine tooling.  We enjoy working with obscure and hard to find pieces. APT will repair your damaged tooling to original manufactures specifications or will manufacture new. Through the years Answer Precision has developed an excellent repertoire of suppliers worldwide for unique pins, bearings, bushings etc. ​

We have manufactured and repaired a wide range of components and kits.  

  • Tow bar
  • Tow bar extension
  • Torque adapters
  • Brake lifters
  • Slings (APU, Engine, Generator, Actuator, etc.
  • Wrenches (axle, hook, adapter, spanner, etc)
  • Locks (Flaps, IGS, Spoiler, Aileron, etc)
  • Puller kits
  • Removal kits

We possess all the necessary knowledge, equipment and personnel to make sure that you’ll be able to resolve your problems quickly and easily.

Items are supplied with a certificate of compliance

We are a preferred supplier to Air Canada

“Answer Precision has strong technical, engineering and manufacturing expertise and capability.”