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About Us

APT was established in November 1996 and is located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. We are a Manufacturing Technology Center that provides full service solutions to our customers with premium quality products and assemblies from Design and Build thru to Inspection. Servicing the Automotive, Aerospace ASE and GSE, Medical and Energy market sectors, APT is a supplier of gauging/check fixtures, automation equipment, custom tooling and multi-axis CNC machining.

It is our goal to meet our customer’s requirements for each product. This includes cost, timing and quality. Our ability to provide competitive pricing is the direct result of our unique capability in handling complex assemblies and tight tolerances. Through the use of continuous improvement and a 5S system we are constantly looking for ways to improve the flow of work through the company. Short cycle timing is provided through an excellent relationship with our suppliers, highly skilled personnel and state of the art equipment. A Pull system along with daily management meetings ensures that deliveries are on schedule.  Quality is provided with pride.  Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing a product that works right the first time and is well within the customer’s tolerance requirements. 

APT has built long term relationships through proven quality, innovation, versatility and a strong commitment to customer service and support. APT has a very low turn-over of employees which allows us to focus on the manufacturing of our product rather than the training of new hires. We strongly believe in apprenticeship and co-op programs and always have at least one apprentice each year. The fact that many of our employees have been with us for so long gives them the added advantage of knowing each customer and their particular requirements as well as knowing the history of a part or a particular type of part.

Working closely with our customer and keeping everyone involved allows us to provide a turnkey solution – design, build and inspect. APT’s design department is in constant contact through the design process to allow questions to be asked and answered. Our lead toolmakers are a group of highly skilled craftsmen which work closely with the designers to ensure all requirements are met.  APT’s high speed 5-axis machining capability along with elite programmers ensures only the best product is manufactured. As well it allows us to provide features and services which are not possible on 3-axis machines. Our quality department is a climate controlled lab with meticulously maintained and calibrated equipment. Knowledgeable operators perform CMM inspections and manual measurements to ensure the product meets or exceeds the customer’s requirements. Our entire process is networked to provide seamless communication between Design, CAM and Co-ordinate Measuring Machines. 

Our skilled staff, low employee turnover, facility and equipment, along with a focus on continuing education keep us on top of the game. The result is unparalleled quality, cost and timing in all the products we manufacture. Answer Precision prides itself for being able to offer our clients total project solutions.

“I have done business with Answer Precision, located in Kitchener, Ontario, for many years. During this time I have received nothing but the best quality, service and on time delivery, at the most reasonable price. From their detailed quotes, to the design and build, to the certification and GR&R, Answer Precision Tool Inc. delivers exactly what you want and need.”